Camping is simple here - like it used to be


Here you may enjoy yourself in many different ways. You may play tabletennis, billard, dart or tablefootball inside in a hall or play football, volleyball or badminton.


On the playground there are many different toys for big and small children. There are a climbing wall, a tunnelslide, bicykles, tractors, as well as a fisherboat and a playhouse with real pots and pans. There is even a babyswing. The playground is parted in a quiet and a more wild area for the big children.


There are fine possibilities for swimming, diving, surfing and fishing. On our jetty and raft you may have a lot of fun. On land you may go on bike or inliners as well as walk or run on the small cosy roads in the country area.


In the evening you may sit in the lounge and play games and listen to music for there is no TV. It is popular to sit on the verendah and enjoy the barbecue food watching the sun going down. You may even stay longer as 11pm, as long as you do not disturb the other campers.


In the peak season we have a campfire each Wednesday if the weather allows, where you may bake your own bread on a stick.





Bike rental

days     bike                        trailer or childrens bike

1             70,00 kr. /   9,65  €            65,00 kr. /  8,95  €

2           140,00 kr. / 19,30  €        130,00 kr. / 17,95  €

3           205,00 kr. / 28,25  €        190,00 kr. / 26,20  €

4           260,00 kr. / 35,85  €        220,00 kr. / 30,35  €

5           310,00 kr. / 42,75  €        245,00 kr. / 33,80  €

6           360,00 kr. / 49,65  €        270,00 kr. / 37,25  €

7           360,00 kr. / 49,65  €        270,00 kr. / 37,25  €


Extra per day: Childseat 35,00 kr. / 4,80 € or helmet 20,00 kr. / 2,75 €









Als and Kegnæs

Beautiful vigorous nature near by forest and sea


Many historical monuments like the Mill of Dybbøl, the castles in Gråsten, Sønderborg, Augustenborg and Nordborg. Sydals has an area of 9.488 ha., and includes the Kegnæs peninsula connected to Als by a natural dike. In the Southern part of Als you will find the best beaches.


Kegnaes is a small peninsula with a famous lighthouse known from the weather broatcasting. Sonderby Strand is a beautiful old fisherman´s place with old thatched houses just next to the Baltic Sea. The campsite is placed just in the middle of the small village surrounded with fields and the sea. Next to the campsite is the area with the chalets for rent.


Sonderborg ist the big shoppingtown with the university and idyllic harbour next to Alssund.


Get the Sønderjyllands Magasin at our shop for free.







Fishing and motorboat


Kegnæs is the ideal peninsula, if your passion is fishing. Directly from the campsite you can fish from the beach. If you prefer to go out in a boat on the Baltic, you may have a nice trip in your own boat or in a rented boat. We have fine facilities to clean the fish and to freeze them, if you want to take them home, or to grill them on a big family grill, which you may borrow on the campsite.


The campsite dispose over a slip, if you bring your own boat.To the right you see guests, who have caught big fishes close to the campsite.


You may hire a boat at the campsite. It is a Crescent 450 with a 25 HP motor. There is a fishfinder and other belongings in the boat, which costs 90 € a day excl. gaz. (350 € deposit.) The boat can be rented from 1. April to 15. November.


You may enter or leave the boat from our pier, but not let it be tied to it, because it may damage the boat or the pier. You should not leave the boat in the ocean over night, as the wind may change direction and force quickly, which could make it difficult to get it out of the ocean again.







If you have any further questions, or if you wish to make a reservation, please contact us


Tel. +45 7440 5313

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We are looking forward to hear from you.

Nana & Jens Aukschun Nørsøller

Sønderby Strand Camping


Sønderbygade 4-6


6470 Sydals - DK


Open: 01.04. - 03.10.18

Camping is simple here - like ist used to be