Various leisure activities

at the campsite and in the local area

There are many opportunities to make time go by

You can play table tennis, billiards, darts and table football in our table tennis hall. Outside in the fresh air you can play football, volleyball or badminton.

In addition, it is possible to play hockey, ride scooters, inliners or cycle on our multi-track.

Playground, rental equipment and tractor rides

On the playground there are many tools for both large and small children, such as a climbing wall, tunnel slide, a ship and playhouse with real pots and pans, which invites to creative play.

With toys like tractors, bikes and scooters, kids can have a lot of fun. We also have a baby swing for the little ones.

The playground is divided, so that the games of the big ones, can not bother the smaller children.

It is also possible to take a ride the tractor, if you are ready when it passes.


Swimming, fishing and baking bread by the campfire

In the sea there are great opportunities for swimming. In addition, there are good conditions for diving as well, as fishing and surfing.

We have a jetty and a raft that you can frolic on.

In high season, there are campfires every Wednesday, weather permitting. You will be given free puff pastry and just have to make a stick yourself, this way you can bake your own bread.

On land you can cycle, ride inliners or hike on the small cozy roads at Kegnæs. At our "Bike Station" you can repair your bike. The bike can be placed at a nice working height while using the available tools or air pump.

Other activities are also arranged during the summer. Ask us when you are at the campesite, and we will be happy to tell you what is planned.

Shared games, dining and being captivated by the sunset

In the evening you can gather in the common room. There you can sit and have fun, playing games or enjoy dinner. This can be done indoors or outside on the terrace where one can enjoy the sunset.

In the common room you can also be after 11 pm, as long as you do not bother the other campers. There is no TV, it's better to be together, listen to music, play music or play games.